Our Story

Prairie Nature was created as one small measure to save bison from extinction.

Bison are amazing and magnificent animals.  Adapted to thrive in the hot dry Texas summers to the freezing winters of the northern plains of North America.  Having thrived for centuries the bison population was decimated as western civilized humanity spread across the North America continent.  Saving bison from extinction became important and today many herds are thriving again.  Commercialization of bison, as harsh as this seems, encouraged the establishment of numerous private bison herds greatly increasing the bison population and the diversity of the bison gene pool.

A desire to save bison and provide a healthy, nutritious treat for dogs, free of growth hormones and free of chemicals were the force driving the creation of Prairie Nature All Natural Bison Chewies.  Today, many private bison ranches operate through out the American Great Plains.

 If you’ve never seen a bison herd on a fast move or a 2,000 pound bison bull wading in chest high native grass you have missed a grand event.  Bison can be observed in many National Parks.  We encourage you to go.  But beware! These animals are fast so keep your distance.  As one bison rancher explained to me as he petted a young female bison, “she may seem tame, but she is not domesticated”.

We ask you to support All Natural Bison Chewies, provide a healthy treat for an important member of your family and sustain a national treasure, the American Bison.